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Wireless Chest Heart Rate Monitors

Chest Strap and Sensor Outline
Wireless chest heart rate monitors are used to transmit the user’s pulse directly to the console of the machine or to an external tracking service called iFit. Some machines include this device as standard equipment, while other machines may be able to use it as an optional accessory.  

The heart rate monitor includes an adjustable chest strap and the plastic component that contains the sensor.
To assemble the heart rate monitor, insert the tabs from each end of the strap into the holes on each end of the sensor. Then, press the end of the sensor under the buckle on the chest strap. The tab and sensor should be flush (flat) with each other when it is assembled.
Chest Strap, putting it on
For the heart rate monitor to work properly, you must wear it under your clothes and as tight as possible against your skin without causing discomfort. Make sure that the logo on the sensor is facing away from your skin. On the other side of the sensor, there will be two ridged areas. These areas are the electrodes. For the best results, wet the electrodes with a saline solution, such as contact lens solution or saliva.

There are many heart rate monitors used by our company Chest Strap Placementthat use different types of telemetry and are not compatible with each other. These telemetries include 24KHZ, 5KHZ, Bluetooth Smart, and ANT+. Some heart rate monitors may not be compatible with our equipment.

The heart rate monitor must have a working battery and must be within range of the exercise equipment to work. For instructions on operation of the heart rate monitor, please consult the owner’s manual of your machine if the heart rate monitor was included with you equipment, or consult the owner’s manual of the heart rate monitor if it was purchased as an accessory.

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