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Using the Machine’s Pulse Sensors

Many of our models are equipped with pulse sensors that can be used to track the user’s heart rate during workouts. On treadmills, pulse sensors are often built into the console or on a separate bar below the console. On bikes and ellipticals, the pulse sensors are often built into separate hand grips.

The pulse sensors are not designed to be exact medical devices. However, they can give a general estimate of the user’s heart rate if several practices are followed.

Pulse Grip PlasticWhen the machine is delivered, the pulse grips are often covered with white plastic to protect the sensors during shipping. Please remove this plastic before using the pulse sensors.

When you want to get a reading from the sensors, be sure that you are using both of your hands and that you are holding completely still. Hold the pulse grips with a substantial portion of your hands, including the palms. If you are having trouble getting a reading, try re-positioning your hands on the sensors.

The first reading may not be the most accurate estimate. Hold onto the sensors for at least 30 seconds. As you hold the sensors, subsequent readings will become more accurate.

If you are still having trouble getting a reading, be sure that the machine is plugged into a properly grounded outlet. Make sure that the sensors are clean. If the sensors are dirty, try cleaning them with a clean, damp cloth.

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