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Folding Your SpaceSaver Elliptical Into the Storage Position

Method 1: Folding the Rear Drive

To fold the elliptical, lift the handle on the back end of the elliptical until it locks into the vertical position. To unfold the machine, hold the handle, then press and hold the latch button. Gently lower the frame to the floor.

Elliptical Storage Latch

Some models may include upper body arm magnets to hold the pedal legs in place while the machine is in the vertical position.

Storage Latch Magnets

Method 2: Folding the Upright

First, loosen the upright knob. Next, pull the upright knob. Pull the upright backward until the latch stops the upright, and then release the upright knob.
Pull Knob on Upright
Next, pull the upright forward slightly, lift the latch, and then lower the upright to the folded position. Hold the upright in one of the indicated locations (shown in the diagram as “Hold to Lower”). Do not hold the upper body arms while lowering the machine.
Places to Lower
These models often have the ability to be stored in an upright position as well. However, due to the size and weight of the elliptical, storing it requires two persons. You must be able to safely lift 100 lbs. (45 kg) to lift, store, and lower the elliptical.

After folding the upright, hold the handle on the front stabilizer and lift the elliptical to the upright position so that it is resting on the small and large storage feet.

To lower the elliptical for use, first hold the handle on the lift frame with one hand and hold the front stabilizer with your other hand. Next, pull the frame towards you and lower it until you can reach the handle on the front stabilizer. Then, hold the handle on the front stabilizer with both hands and finish lowering the elliptical to the floor.

Upright Storage Position

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