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Checking for Loose wires

Welcome to our video demonstrating where and how you should check for loose wires. Although this video may employ a treadmill or console style that is different than what you have with your machine, this is not a problem. The steps to replace a wire harness are virtually identical across all styles of treadmills and consoles. If you have any questions while watching this video, see the instructions in your owner’s manual for further details.



There are a number of problems that a loose wire can cause for your treadmill.
If a component of your treadmill isn’t functioning properly, and your machine is brand new, it could be that something was knocked loose during in-home assembly.
If your treadmill was working correctly for a time, but now no longer does, it is possible that with the vibration and pounding of use, a wire somewhere has worked itself loose.


Removing the motor hood

The most common place for a wire can work itself loose is on the controller board.
You will have to remove the motor hood to get to the controller board.
Now, before doing this, be sure to remove the safety key from the console and unplug the power cord from the wall.
Do not use power tools during this procedure. Sure, they make the job move along more quickly, but they can just as quickly damage your treadmill’s components.
The procedure for removing the motor hood is described in the troubleshooting section of your owner’s manual.
You can also consult our video that demonstrates this procedure visually.


Checking wires on the controller.

Do not pull wires off the controller board and then re-seat them.
Doing this risks bending one or more of the pins on the board.
If you bend any of the pins, you will have another problem in addition to a loose wire.
All you need to do is gently push down on each of the connectors to make sure they are fully seated.


Checking the wire harness.

Another place for a wire to come loose is where the upright wire harness connects to the console wire harness.
It isn’t likely that this connection would work itself loose, but it’s easy to check it.

The two wire harnesses are tucked up into the console under the righthand handrail.
Pull the two wires down and check to see if the connectors are snapped together.
There is a plastic catch on one of the connectors.
If you lift it, you can pull the two apart and snap them back together.
Once checked, tuck the connectors and wires back up into the recessed area you pulled them from.


Replacing the motor hood.

Now replace the motor hood.
Now with everything back in place, plug your treadmill back in and turn it on.



If the problem still persists, consider where the problem is occurring, or in which component, and consult another of our troubleshooting videos that refers to that particular area or component.

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