Installing Your Storage Latch

When installing your storage latch (shown as number 53 in the example) please make sure that you first have read the instructions carefully. These instructions are part of the Assembly Instructions in your User’s Manual. Some treadmills require that incline is calibrated before the latch can be installed. If your treadmill does require that the […]

Tightening Your Drive Belt

Have you got a treadmill that is a few years old now, and it feels like it’s slipping or hesitating while you are walking or running on it? It may be that your drive belt has stretched out a little bit. This is completely normal, over time the belt may stretch out a little bit. […]

Stretch Belt Install

Most of our newer treadmills and incline trainers use a stretch drive belt. What does this mean for you? That there will never be any adjusting as the belt stretches from use. The only downside is that if you do need to replace the belt it can be a little tricky. But with these instructions […]

White Line Test

If you have tried to adjust your walking belt and it still feels like you are walking on ice, or that your walking belt is hesitating, or slipping as you are trying to use your treadmill. It may be that the Drive Roller and the Pulley attached to it have become separated. There is a […]

Connecting to WiFi

When connecting to the WiFi in your home the steps will differ depending on whether you have a iFit Live Module or an Android Touchscreen console with built in WiFi. If you do have an iFit Live Module follow these steps for the Module Setup. For those of you that do not have a module […]

Installing Your Pedals

Does it seem like you can’t get your pedals to fit onto the crank arms of your bike? There are a couple of things to pay attention to: First, let’s make sure that you are installing the right pedal on the right side and the left pedal on the left side. The pedals are marked […]

Other Questions

If you have any other questions, call our customer service hotline at 1-877-993-7999. If you purchased your equipment from Sears, please call 1-888-825-2588. Please have your model number and serial number with you when you call. You can order replacement parts using our Parts and Manuals Page or speak with a customer service representative by […]

Shipping Services

We ship heavy items via Estes. Lighter products are shipped via UPS. For this information contacting the freight company, please contact NordicTrack Shipping Relations by calling 1-866-896-977 or just Email Us.

Shipping Policy

All non-UPS shipments require a customer signature upon delivery. The shipping company will call before attempting to deliver your machine. A total of three attempts will be made to contact you. After three attempts have been made the shipping company will make arrangements to return your machine to our warehouse. Return shipping and a 10% […]